Monday, March 11, 2013

Samsung tops the smartphone sales in China in 2012

Samsung with it's Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II smartphones has been very successful all over the world. In China, Samsung did also very good with the entire line-up of mid-range and entry-level. A major success, according to figures published recently by Strategy Analytics via Yonhap, sees  Samsung with about 30.6 million smartphones sold in China in 2012 , almost tripling its sales data from the previous year, with a market share of of 17.7%. 
Samsung in 2009 has enteredthe Chinese market and after about 3 years the top five of the largest producers is made ​​up as follows:
  1. Samsung (17.7%)
  2. Lenovo (13.2%)
  3. Apple (11%)
  4. Huawei (9.9%)
  5. Coolpad (9.7%)
The most affected victim of the recent expansion of Android in China has undoubtedly been Nokia, which market share of 30% two years ago declined to a mere 3.7% at the end of 2012, bringing the 7 th place in the list above-mentioned.
The forecasts for 2013 are again in favor of the Korean manufacturer, despite the big names you are claiming more and more like Huawei or ZTE. There is no doubt that Android will be the main platform for a long time in this market and Samsung is one of the main partners that will exploit certainly an opportunity to establish myself more and more.

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