Monday, January 28, 2013

Samsung planning to bring Music Hub to non-Samsung devices

Samsung, as now we have long known, is trying to become a company is not only focused on the hardware, but also on the distribution of services and proprietary features.
Among these, Music Hub , the digital music store from South Korean company, which for now is only present on some smartphones and tablets from Samsung itself.
In a recent statement posted on The Next Web, Samsung seems about to publish its music platform to other smart phones, not just Android.
In this way, the company should be battling with the industry giants like AmazonApple and Google .
Honestly us news of this kind are only pleasure, the greater the competition should be lower prices to take home your favorite digital tunes.
In addition, the Samsung Music Hub offers a unique subscription service that gives you access to the entire music library online and pay a fixed per month, of course you have to have a data plan for fast internet.

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