Monday, January 28, 2013

Rumor - NVIDIA to make its own smartphones and tablets

Nvidia has been one of the protagonists at this year CES in Las Vegas, presenting his new SoC, the Tegra 4  and its first Android handheld console, project shield , based precisely on this architecture .
For now, however, is not yet known any third-party vendor, such as HTC or LG, intends to propose a smartphone or a tablet that can take advantage of the new processor and the new integrated GPU, is causing problems for NVIDIA evidently.
That's why NVidia, will try to fundamentally change its business for this early 2013, in order to demonstrate the true potential of its SoC.
In practice NVidia should attack the market with the tablet designed directly  from them and then ​​to produce the devices from selected partners.
In this way you would have a Full Tegra 4 Android device, Nvidia branded and focused on gaming.
We can not exclude also the arrival of  smartphone with the same dynamic, but surely the tablet blend better as a game device.
For now these are just rumors, but this scenario seems quite likely, and Nvidia has both the know-how that the economic means to do well in this area.

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