Thursday, January 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 coming in 2 new colors - Ruby Wine and Amber Brown

Honestly, not too keen on the idea that new colors come out for a smartphone after months of it being on the market. But we believe that the potential users should have now the opportunity to purchase the device in the color they prefer.

I think it's limiting to launch a device in two colors and then, in the coming months, publish another 2 or 3 completely different. And Samsung has accustomed us so long. If I have to be honest, this policy on the colors of smartphones, is the only flaw in an otherwise perfect trade policy. 
However, come to us and to the news today. Samsung has unveiled two new colors for the Galaxy Note 2. They are the Ruby Wine and Amber Brown , two names elegant to say "red and brown." These two new colors are added to the far more anonymous Ceramic White and Titanium Grey accompanying Notes 2 from the beginning of its existence. 

In the future there will be new colors? We think so, and of course the colors are only for Korea at the time and hopefully the rest of the world will get then too very soon.

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