Thursday, January 17, 2013

Asus planing to bring the Padfone concept to Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Asus has unveiled today its interest in the Windows Phone segment In an interview with the Wall Street Journal , the Asus Vice President of Mobile Communication,  Benson Lin, was explicitly declared this intention, although there is no precise timing. 
The news comes in the wake of another important return to Windows Phone universe, that of LG , a repositioning that will please many and also to increase the competition in the segment.

So, Asus will focus quickly to the realization of its Windows Phone 8 devices , even though the plans of the Taiwanese company do not stop here, given the intention of bringing the Padfone experience even within the Microsoft ecosystem.
The first two generations Padfone devices already on the market have been realized thanks to the Android operating system and its support for a range of resolutions. Same thing should happen with Windows 8, perfect on the current tablets, but impossible to use on smartphones.
Although gather all the OS in a single system, and interchangeable with the same functionality has long been the intent of Microsoft, have to wait for a future release ( Windows Blue ) to see a version that will work on both 4 to 5" smartphones and 7 to 11" tablet. The good news is that this release is expected mid 2013.

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