Friday, January 4, 2013

Corning will introduce Gorilla Glass 3 at this year CES

On most of the smartphones and tablets out there, we find the Corning protection glass. Corning is the company that over the years has developed the Gorilla Glass, which has become known for their robustness and ease of being molded into different shapes.

The CEO of the company has publicly announced that the next CES in Las Vegas, will introduce the third generation of Gorilla Glass , which will ensure 50% more resistance and a 40% less chance to see scratches on these special glasses .
From our experience we have seen how the Gorilla Glass is not indestructible indeed, but in comparison to other products from other vendors are able to withstand much greater impacts without showing cracks that may inhibit the visibility of the display.
These glasses also are not only used to cover the screens of our devices, but also to wrap also the bodyshells rear, just think also the recent Nexus 4 or to the previous Iphone 4 and 4S.
This new generation of Gorilla Glass should also ensure even greater smoothness on the surface of the finger, so as to bring almost to zero friction.

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