Friday, January 4, 2013

Android Jelly Bean up to 10%, Gingerbread still leading the pack

Android Jelly Bean is out now for almost six months, and unfortunately we see today face struggling to establish itself among the different distributions of Android.
This happens of course the willingness of companies to not continue with the firmware of their smartphones and tablets or slow development, to promote the new products coming to market, and focus on other aspects.

This then results in the presence of Android Jelly Bean only 10.2% of Android smartphones and tablets, specifically divided in 9% in Android 4.1, and in 1.2% of Android 4.2

The latter value practically represents the share of the world market consists of the Nexus devices, which unfortunately puts us in front of the sad reality, namely that the Nexus , all together, can not even get to 2% of the market .
It goes a bit 'better for Android Ice Cream Sandwich , also present on many low-end devices.In fact, this distribution can boast 29.1% of the pie, while once again lead the way is the historic Gingerbread with 47.4%.
A value that shows how Android 2.3 was the version of the turn, which, however now many companies are abandoning lying most of the Android smartphones and tablets on the market.
The solutions can be sought in Nexus devices, sometimes even unknown users, or cooked ROM, but we hope that in 2013 there is also a change in trend between the various producers.

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