Friday, January 4, 2013

Booming iPad mini and iPhone 5 sales expected in Apple's holiday quarter

According to a Wall Street analyst who has closely followed the fortunes of Apple and its latest products, the sales forecasts for the Apple devices, would have fully complied with the expectations , posting record numbers of sales during the holidays quarter.
The analyst Rob Cihra of Evercore Partners , has updated its forecasts on the results that Apple could have reached the quarter to December 2012 ahead of earnings reports provided by the company, which will be released on January 23. According to Cihra, Apple may have sold 50 million iPhones , with a margin of 35% growth over last year and an increase of 86% compared to the previous quarter (Q3 2012).

With the expansion of its iPad, the analyst has estimated that the Cupertino company may have sold 24 million tablets in the fourth quarter of 2012, reaching a margin of 56% growth despite the previous year, and an incredible increase of 71% percent compared to the quarter ended in September 2012 .
In particular, the analyst believes that the growth of the iPad has been strongly driven by the iPad mini, which would have sold about 10 million units in just the last quarter of the past year. In addition, after an impressive launch, the demand for the iPad mini is still growing , which suggests that sales tend to increase for a while ', despite the extraordinary numbers already made ​​record.
In addition to these good, if not excellent prospects for Apple, there is still a sore point, represented by sales of Macs, which declined by 3% year on year , reaching "only" 5 million units in Q4 2012. The blame for this negative result? According Cihra can be attributed to reduced inventories of the latest generation iMac.
In any case, the analyst believes that the positive trend will continue Apple (as usual, by the way) until March 2013, after sales of the iPhone 5 will suffer a particular physiological decline, while awaiting the announcement of the new generation 6 model .

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