Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rumor - Pantech to launch 5.9-inch Full HD phablet?

The bigger the better seems to be the motto of this early 2013! After the Galaxy Note which led to a very wide diagonal in the smartphone segment, we would not have thought to see even larger for this segment of the market but apparently the producers have agreed to convince us that 5 inches is the right size for the new top range smartphoner and overdo it and go to 6 inches is totally false. 
Huawei with its Ascend Mate  with 6.1 inch display and Sony, LG devices with between 5 and 5.5 inches, and now Pantech which confirms its willingness to sell by the end of the month, shortly after the presentation of the 2013 CES, a smartphone Full HD 5.9 inches with the rm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad Core processor with 2GB of RAM.

Thanks to the minimization of the frame around the screen, the size of the new product will be very similar to those of the Notes 2 despite having a larger screen. It is unlikely we will be marketed in Europe or in the States, but who knows it might happen, but we continue to think that these new dimensions that are coming are perhaps too exaggerated for many users.

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