Friday, November 9, 2012

Google Nexus 10 priced $ 499 at Walmart

It seems that lately Walmart has made ​​a habit to be "captured" innocently its devices to be sold and the last, if you remember, was the Nexus 7 in version 32GB about a fortnight before its release date scheduled for November 13.

Today, the device that has been captured is the long awaited Samsung and Google Nexus 10 tablet, the output of which is scheduled for November 13 but only on Google Play Store in version 16 and 32GB, for a price of $399 and $499.
A photo from taken at Walmart store, propose the same price of $ 499 offered by Google for the 32GB version, or so says the label.
We do not know if the photo you can trust 100% but, if so, the availability at retailers with a price identical to Play Store may be it is convenient, because in addition to save on shipping costs, if there are any problems we might simply return to the store for a refund without having to make any shipment.
Obviously, these words are to be taken into account if the tablet will be available in the shops of our country, which is unlikely for the time being.
The other issue, perhaps more important, is that if the Nexus 10 will be really helpful to Walmart, why should it not also be the  Nexus 4 ?
We do not exclude at all the possibility, but for the moment we have no information about it.

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