Friday, November 9, 2012

NVIDIA's revenue hits a record $1.20 billion for Q3, Tegra is doing better than everyone expected

Nvidia released its financial results for the third quarter of 2012 and, it seems, is doing much better than we all expected, since there were revenue of about $ 1.2 billion .
One fifth of this revenue comes from the Tegra chip , although these are not used on many android devices.
So far the good work has paid off, but how is shaping the future of the company especially with regard to the sector relative to smartphones?
The fight in this case promises to be very hard, because there is Qualcomm that offers good products and has good relations with its partners and then there's Samsung , which holds the record for the sale of Android smartphones , and yields if chip Exynos .
To these we can add Intel , which has been shown to produce chips that can provide outstanding performance without consuming a large amount of memory.
However, we do not already lost to Nvidia, since its products are a powerhouse and the prices are lower than the competition.
We'll see how Nvidia will plays it's cards since the company potential is there all right.

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