Saturday, October 6, 2012

Google and LG to Unveil Optimus Nexus at End of the Month

It seems we are repeating our self's these days,  with several sources that confirm the same information, so it's just return them to go further to validate the clues found so far.
According to the popular site CNET, LG and Google will launch the next Nexus later this month. The rumor also corroborated the hypothesis that the hardware is based on the LG Optimus G, the latest top of the range LG device already presented by LG in these past weeks.
The Nexus LG should be sold in two configurations, one with 8 GB and one 16 GB . Being also provided that from 8 it is desirable that the smartphone also has a slot for microSD to increase at will the memory allocated to app and multimedia content, such as videos and photos.
Apparently Google and LG have still not agreed on a name for this new device, even if we find the simple pole position Optimus Nexus , certainly more attractive than Optimus G Nexus.
It 's more than likely that this smartphone Google Experience is presented Oct. 18 at the event organized by BigG. Before that date, definitely we will come to know some other information about, so stay tuned.

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