Wednesday, September 12, 2012

According to Nielsen over half of U.S. teenagers now own a smartphone

Time after the summer break, it is time to take stock and Nielsen certainly does not wait, with a small table showing which are the trends of new subscribers in the United States. We start from the first point underlined by the agency, which sees a significant number of new smartphone owners now on U.S. soil, which went from 41 to 55.5% of the population in a single year.
Growth mainly due to a large proportion of young people: Nielsen found that even 74% of Americans between 25 and 34 years already has a smartphone (59% in July 2011). A jump even more important was recorded among the young between 13 and 17 years, which went from 36% to 58% in just one year, stating that more than half of American teenagers has become  'cellular evolved' .
Another story if we talk about which platforms are most common, with an always positive trend for the Google OS gaining ground further consolidating its leadership thanks to a large 51.9% , even more strengthened by the fact that the new activations before flying this value to 58.6% .
Apple suffers slightly this summer, with a 34.3% overall and 33% in the new round activations , data obviously spoiled by the forthcoming debut of the iPhone 5 that many fans have been waiting a long time. Below we have the collapse of RIM , which has lost so much in a year and stands at a disappointing and worrying 8% , with new activations that are even only 2.7% . The item 'others' presumably includes Windows Phone and Symbian , with a percentage of 5.9% which will be reviewed after the first quarter following the debut of the new Windows Phone 8 devices.

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