Monday, August 6, 2012

Fring is updated with support for Nokia Belle

Fring team, with an eloquent message via Twitter confirmed the possibility of using the popular VoIP and instant messaging client with the Nokia BelleThe new software release 4.5.18, now available for download seems to have definitively resolved the technical difficulties that prevented the use of the client operating system with Nokia Photos with the previous version. The application, as is known  supports the major IM services and allows both video and VoIP calls. 
The news is certainly important, although we found that not all the Nokia Belle can download Fring from Nokia Store. For Nokia Belle FP1 smartphone like the Nokia 701 or Nokia 808 PureView the application is not available for download at Nokia Store, while the connection to the mobile site of Fring ( will give you only the previous version. For example, the download with our Nokia 701 has not been possible or by accessing the Nokia Store with smartphone or via the Nokia Suite.

We hope that Fring will manage to resolve the situation quickly, making it effectively compatible with Belle for the greatest number of devices that use the Nokia platform.
Fring is available for download for free from the Nokia Store

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