Monday, August 6, 2012

Samsung doubles sales of its Galaxy tablets in Q2 2012 but is still far behind Apple iPad sales

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IDC has released the latest data on shipments in the global market for the tablet sales in Q2 2012 , numbers that are scoring a net growth of the sector and draw a picture dominated by two large companies Apple and Samsung, which are also in top 2 positions in the smartphone sales as well.

The Korean company has registered 2.4 million tablets in this period, marking a remarkable increase at 117% over the same period of last year which has stopped at a little over a million pieces. These numbers however do not scared Apple too much  since iPad sales has closed with 17 million devices shipped and an intrepid Kindle Fire that although it is still confined within the United States is placedthird largest manufacturer of tablets, follows by Asus and Acer.
A field so that records strong growth and that will bring more surprises in the coming months with the debut of not only the Nexus 7  throughout Europe, but many other products in the same market segment and the highly anticipated Windows 8 Tablet.

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