Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Damian Dinning - Nokia will bring more and more compact PureView smartphones

The Nokia 808 PureView , the first smartphone to integrate innovative technology to improve the yield you photos and videos, is characterized by a form factor certainly "important." Weight and thickness are conditioned by the need to integrate sophisticated form with photo sensor of 41 megapixels. Although many users may consider the size of the device and the acceptable price to pay to use the best camera phone on the market, there is no doubt that a smartphone with the same technology, but with smaller dimensions meet with the favor of a greater number of potential buyers.The arrival of smartphone with PureView technology, with smaller form factor was hinted by the Nokia "camera guru"  Damian Dinning.
In a recent interview Dinning stresses that with the evolution of technology, you can further contain the size and weight of cameraphone :

"We believe that the size of the Nokia 808 are acceptable to the majority of consumers. Can easily be carried in a pocket and, at the same time, when it is used as a camera, the phone must have a certain weight and size, so as to provide a better grip and a better stability. Obviously, with the development of technology in the future with smartphone lighter body and with the same camera performance will be resolved the contradiction between the needs of the size of the cell and those relating to optics of the camera."
The Dinning statements contain no further clues about the possible technical solutions that Nokia may use so as to further the dimensions of the smartphone technology PureView (or equivalent technology in terms of image quality).
We simply detect an objective fact, noting that the declaration of Dinning intervenes a few days after the notice of assignment to Nokia's patent for the photo sensors with graphene , a material that could help to contain just the thickness of the photographic form. Dinning does not mention it and the technology is not yet mature, but it is not impossible that Nokia is already working to make the most of current technology.

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