Monday, July 23, 2012

Speculation - Nokia will start negotiations with European carriers for the launch of the exclusive Lumia WP8 devices

Nokia may have already planned a new marketing strategy for the deployment of the new Lumia WP8 based smartphones on the alliance with some European telephone operators. With these new Nokia partnership may decide to market the first terminals Lumia WP8 selected exclusively by telcos. Was revealed by the Financial Times that refers to the negotiations already under way with France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom .
The reference to an exclusive launch of the smartphone Lumia back again today, after speculation about a supposed period of exclusivity that Microsoft may provide to the Finnish manufacturer market for the first Windows-based Lumia Phone 8. According to rumors reported by the FT, Nokia could have chosen a new marketing model Lumia different from what, until now, has provided for the widespread distribution of terminals via the main sales channels.
The European telephone operators who choose a trustworthy Nokia could benefit from special "incentives" to detect, mainly related to the allocation of part of profits from the smartphone sales.
The exclusive distribution through European telephone operators, which replicates a model already followed by the USA (see distribution Lumia 900 with AT & T), could help keep up interest in new smartphones, making them particularly desirable, given the character of exclusivity.

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