Monday, July 23, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 - Samsung will announce the new Galaxy Note II on August 15th press event

Presenting a new to range smartphone on 15 August may seem quite absurd, especially considering that just on that date many sites in the industry are pretty much on vacation, that many journalists and press officers are on vacation and that is one of the period of least impact on media. Yet Samsung has invited U.S. journalists to a new event to present a Galaxy product as we saw last week in this article:  Samsung will present a new device of  the Galaxy family on 15 August: Will it be the Galaxy Note II?

A different view from the guys at BGR CONFIRMED - THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTES 2 will arrive on August 15 WITH 5.5 INCH SCREEN.
The confidence with which the U.S. site announced the news is clear and it is difficult not to believe their words. It should, however, said it is not the first time that the BGR "says big" without actually then find a complete confirmation. Also, what makes us doubt, is the new official video of the Galaxy Notes 10.1 released a few hours ago that seems to anticipate the events of August 15.

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