Monday, July 30, 2012

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT on sale from October 26

windows rt tablet

October 26, 2012 will be a key date for Microsoft, with the debut of Windows 8 and probable conjunction in a single event that could also include the Windows Phone 8 OS too. A date which will, according to the latest rumors from the net, will be start of the sales of the the first Microsoft Surface carrying RT Windows and ARM chipset (Nvidia).
The news has emerged from a SEC (Security Exchange Commission) of Redmond and intercepted by Cnet.
The next generation of our operating system, Windows 8 will be generally available October 26, 2012. That same day will begin selling the Surface, a series of devices specifically designed and produced by Microsoft.
So we all have to wait for the Microsoft event, with lots of curiosity about the price of each variant and rumors that attest to much higher costs for all Surface tablet, ARM or x86 it is, but now it is up to speculation and nothing has been confirmed or refuted by the software maker.
For all those who wait, however, the variation of the Surface with Intel hardware and operating system Windows 8 Pro have to wait another 90 days from that fateful day in October, bringing to end in January 2013. An expectation that it will leave space for computer users around the world to appreciate (or criticize) the new OS, waiting to see the potential associated with the power of Ivy Bridge.

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