Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HTC Era 42 aka The HTC One X+ coming to T-Mobile this fall

The structured line-up of the 2012 Taiwanese manufacturer is made ​​up of some basic models, from three HTC One smartphones and a series of variations designed for specific geographic areas, both for the various national telephone operators. 
Among the variations it seems HTC has  included the One X +.As you might guess it is a closely related version of the current flagship of the One series,which could be distributed in the fall by T-Mobile.The new rumor concerning him seem to shed light on the end appeared in the inventory of T-Mobile a few days ago with the code name of HTC ERA 42, which is thus not a variant of the original T-Mobile G1, but a revised version of HTC One X.

The alleged specifications will not fail to arouse some interest.They seem to be two main peculiarities of HTC One X +.The first is the software that may not have recourse to the user interface Sense 4.0, but the stock version of Android . The same occurred with the T-Mobile G2, which was first introduced with OS 2.2 Froyo without any customization done by HTC.
The other detail, even more interesting, concerns the possibility that the device uses a hardware revised and corrected with respect to that currently used by both HTC One X and HTC One XL. The reference is especially to the SoC system that could be the  quad-core Qualcomm  S4 Pro APQ8064 S4 or the enhanced version of Tegra 3 with 1.7 GHz CPU .
The information provided should be considered when the rumor still awaiting confirmation.The only given "unofficial" is the presence of a terminal 42 was code-named HTC T-Mobile in the inventories,which in the light of new rumors should be the HTC One X+

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