Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HTC: the new partnership with Tencent and Sina Corp to improve the perception of the brand in China

HTC gives high priority to China and try to improve the perception of its brand in the populous Asian continent, signing two important new agreements with Tencent and Sina Corp . tools to try to capture the attention of the public are substantiated in a series of applications designed for the Chinese audience, developed in cooperation with Tencent and delivering cloud services and customized smartphone thanks to its partnership with Sina Corp. Recall that Tencent and Sina Corp may be considered as two real giants of the web in the Chinese market, thanks to a user base that counts, respectively 700 million and 400 million users, or 80% of the population. 
The alliance between HTC, Tencent and Sina Corp will be very important to win new market shares in all the major players aim to achieve, given the large number of potential users.

More specifically, the object of the alliance with Tencent will cover: an application store and video communication services and sicurezz a. HTC will work then with Sina Corp with respect to cloud computing services and marketing of smartphones customized to meet the needs of the Chinese public.
Tercence Lam, vice president and chief marketing officer of HTC products in China commented on the recent alliances:
"The development of these new applications will help improve the popularity of the HTC terminals among Chinese consumers'
The recent initiatives of HTC are not the only introduced to improve the company's presence in the Chinese market. The manufacturer has already scheduled an ' expansion of the distribution network by opening new stores. According to recent estimates, the current HTC 2600 product dealers in China will increase to 4000 by year end. A growing will also store that sell HTC products franchise, set to become 50 by the end of 2012.
Recall that the initiatives planned for the Chinese market must be framed in the context of the announced business strategy in 2012 that HTC has chosen to move on several fronts,pointing to a growth distributed between Europe, Asia and USA .

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