Monday, June 4, 2012

Galaxy Note 2 coming in October with 5.5 inches display and Exynos 5250 processor?

After many speculations about the Galaxy S3, it's time to talk about the Galaxy Notes 2, the device is not announced but Samsung definitely will release the second generation of its very successful first  gen. Galaxy Note in the coming months as now happens every year for high-end products. Although there is no official information, around the internet rumors are spread about technical requirements, specifications and hardware of the next super smartphones of the Korean producer.
Scheduled for October 2012 the new Samsung Galaxy 2 Notes may will be even bigger thanks to the screen diagonal of 5.5 inch Super AMOLED and a resolution even more than is assumed in WSXGA (1680 × 1050). A definition that would provide 360-dpi resolution and readability definitely high in all conditions. Conservative 8 megapixel camera but could benefit from a better optical sensor. Obviously D-Pen renovated and LTE connectivity can not miss, even with the variation of HSPA + to LTE markets without.
Processor is assumed to be the new dual-core Cortex-based architecture Exynos 5250-A15 clocked at 1.8GHz or higher associated with 2GB of RAM. From Galaxy S3 it will inherit all the connectivity, motion sensors, and software refinements like UX capabilities with D-Pen. Certainly interesting that a product might actually look like what is described with an aesthetic similar to the image shown in the opening article.

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