Saturday, January 28, 2012

Windows Phone Tango (7.6): Integration of Skype and Google +?

Integration of Skype and Google is the one that comes with the next update of Windows Phone, at least according to the head , who claims to have received information from a very reliable source on the beta preview of Windows Phone Tango.

The build is tested 7.20.1050.5 , the authors state that the version of the operating system will switch to 7.6 , with the integration of Skype and perhaps a little 'surprise, Google +.
 "In this beta, the application of Skype and Google + is still quite experimental.Making calls with Skype does not work yet, but you can already use the Google chat and Skype +. It 'can still make video calls using the anterior chamber of the new Windows Phone smartphones. Then you can receive video calls and do them, though in this version we found some problems and crashes. There is still a chance to make video calls through Google + "
We can not confirm the veracity of the news, the only evidence that the site provided it is published in the screenshot above.  If so, the minor update called Tango will be very interesting, integrating two features that are sure to be very popular with users. 

Update x1: site is a fake, in fact, comparing the characters of the written Google and Skype with the rest of the written notice a slight difference, which is impossible if it had been used the same formatting. It is not clear whether the published image from the site is just an image created by them to show the functionality, in this case these differences are obvious. If the site will respond to these concerns made by several of the field site, we'll update the article with new info.

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