Friday, June 8, 2012

According to IDC Nokia has Shipped 2.2 Million Lumia Phones Last Quarter

IDC, the well-known company that conducts market research, has recently reported estimates of smartphones Lumia delivered in the period between January and March. These assessments, are coming from an authoritative source may submit to the inevitable margins of error, but are equally interesting, given that the Finnish manufacturer, when reporting the financial results for the first quarter of 2012 , had not specified the exact number of  sold Lumia devices.
According to IDC estimates, Nokia in the last quarter has delivered 2.2 million Lumia smartphones. We clarify that the estimates refer to the points "handed", in other words devices that reach store shelves, but that does not necessarily translate into actual copies sold to the end user.

Relating the alleged 2.2 million smartphones Lumia total number of smartphones sold in the first three months of the year (11.9 million units), you can see that the deliveries of the device Lumia are still marginal compared to the total number of Nokia smartphones, evidently still formed largely by terminals Symbian and Meego.
It must in any case make observations to utleriori. In the first three months of the marketing procedure of Lumia device was still in full swing and devices like the 610 had not yet disponbili Lumia. Secondly, the feedback of IDC leads to the conclusion not yet indicative of the results of first quarter sales. The company locates in the summer months and in general over the next two quarters is a favorable time to expand the installed base, is to begin to draw up budgets even more reliable.
The road of smartphones Lumia to establish itself in the smartphone market is still long and probably, as anticipated on several occasions by the former president of the company before year-end you can not get a clear picture of the results of the alliance between Nokia and Microsoft.

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