Friday, May 25, 2012

Survey - Windows Phone is the third platform chosen by the game developers with 8.8%

The Game Developer Magazine has published the results of its latest survey for the developers of games on different mobile platforms.

From the findings it is clear that the developers of games for mobile devices are more focused on the Apple platform with 94.6%, to follow with 70.7% of developers are dedicated to the Google platform and in the third position with 8, 8% of the developers interested in the Microsoft platform. 
The figure of Windows Phone is insignificant compared to the competition but keep in mind that the new system from Microsoft has a market share at the time, very small, about 2/3% worldwide. 
From the graph we can see that the developers have now left BlackBerry, Symbian and Bada platforms despite having a greater number of devices.

Recall that because of the impossibility of using native code in Windows Phone from developers porting this limitation makes the rather complicated and laborious. Microsoft should fix this problem with future updates, especially with Windows Phone 8 (Apollo).


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