Thursday, May 17, 2012

iPhone with a 4 "display also confirmed by Reuters

Continues to take shape on the rumor to integration of a 4 "display in the new iPhone model . The rumor on the display with a diagonal larger than the current model is not new, but recently the authoritative sources that have reported the rumor multiplied. After the Wall Street Journal is the news agency Reuters back to confirm the integration of a larger screen in the next iPhone.
Reuters refers unequivocally to the 4 " diagonal , while the WSJ had hinted that the diagonal could be more than 4 ". Reuters and the WSJ are then agree on the suppliers of the display which, as mentioned yesterday, will be Korea's LG and Sharp, Japan and the Japanese display. The news agency did not notice missing then renew the prediction on the date of marketing for the device that could coincide with the autumn.
While the presence of a diagonal display 4 "seems to be increasingly questioned, also remains to establish the exact date of presentation and marketing terminal. Reuters sources confirm that the start of production could take place in June, and then gain momentum in August. The market could then take place in September or October. Apple riconfermerebbe the launch of new iPhone model every year (4S iPhone was introduced in October 2011).
Still remain to be evaluated, finally, the aspects of the impact of the longest diagonal ergonomics which represents one of the strengths of the current iPhone especially during the use with one hand. Safe to assume that the house of Cupertino will not be less practical use of the device, making the necessary arrangements in the construction of the shell.

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