Thursday, May 17, 2012

HTC One X multitasking is 'operating normally,' but tweaked for Sense

HTC in the past few hours has responded to comments from variouusers who have a HTC One X on AT & T had experienced management multitasking somewhat different than the native ICS and in some ways more aggressive in closing applications in memory.
The Taiwanese manufacturer has clarified the operation of multitasking HTC X One , defining its normal operation, without denying the changes made ​​to balance the memory to be allocated to the app in memory with the necessary resources to the user interface Sense 4. The recent intervention by the Taiwanese manufacturer, together with the comments made ​​by users of the community, thus confirming that the changes to multitasking are not limited to the simple appearance of the section that allows you to switch among recent applications, but have been extended to the mechanism which determines the actual closing of the app in memory.
HTC has taken action on the point as follows :
"Multitasking is operating Normally According to our custom memory management specifications Which balance ICS core features consistent with a HTC Sense experience
Multitasking operating normally according to the specifications of our custom memory management to balance the core features of ICS with HTC Sense "
In other words, HTC has actually made changes to memory management become necessary to manage resources for the app in the background and those required to operate the best UI Sense. HTC is in any case, said ready to evaluate the input received by the community to enhance the user experience.
While waiting for new official updates that may alter the management of multitasking, the answer, as often happens, came from the same community that is already working to make it less aggressive closure of the app in memory. Progress in this direction by the developers incorporated in the custom ROM for HTC One dedicated X.
As a final note we point out that the unsatisfactory functioning of multitasking HTC One X, seems to refer primarily to the version marketed by AT & T, or the one with the Snapdragon processor S4 , while those destined to our market with Tegra chip 3 seems to have been optimized so different.

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