Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tizen ported on to Samsung Galaxy SII HD (VIDEO)

The Linux-based operating system Tizen is trying to grab public attention through a series of events in  order to maintain an interest for this interesting open-source alternative to mobile platforms on the market.Recently we have seen the first prototype of Samsung smartphone based on Tizen , then the release of OS 1.0 SDK   and the recent was the developers conference. Also we have shown video of Tizen compatibility with existing Android applications and we have another video showing another interesting aspect of the operating system, or the ability to work on some already existing Android smartphones.

The protagonist of the video below, made ​​during the Tizen Developer Conference, is the Samsung Galaxy SII  HD , the version of the Samsung S2 Galaxy sold in Korea.The smartphone has been  used to demonstrate some features of the operating system Tizen  as the section of the gallery, calls and video management. 
The compatibility of the platform with some Tizen Android device from Samsung is at least encouraging, at least from the perspective of developers. It will be interesting if in the future, thanks to the community of independent developers, you can try out the new mobile platform Android on devices like the Galaxy S2.
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