Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Galaxy S3 benchmarks compared with the current top range Android smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy SIII was involved in an interesting series of tests made by GSMArena using benchmarks by which we can compare on paper the Galaxy S III with the current top range Android smartphones. 

Benchmark Pi

Lower is better
Higher is better


Higher is better

NenaMark 2

Higher is better

GLBenchmark Egypt (offscreen 720p)

Higher is better


Lower is better


Higher is better

In addition to these data will also leave some tests related to the display, always with the various comparisons with the current top range Android phones:
Display test50% brightness100% brightness
Black, cd / m2White, cd / m2Contrast ratioBlack, cd / m2White, cd / m2Contrast ratio
Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III01740330
One HTC X12:15200137500:395501410
Samsung Galaxy Nexus01120247
Motorola RAZR XT91002150361
Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II02310362
One HTC S01770386
Samsung Galaxy Notes02870429
HTC Sensation XE12:231727610.64484752
Sony Xperia S---00:484951038

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