Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The CyanogenMod team celebrates 2 million installations

The world of modding is an essential part of the Android community , and you have to be honest, often remedies the deficiencies of the manufacturers , which are not always very quick to release updates or, even worse, sometimes will not release them right.

If only you tried to count all the versions, official or not, the firmware of each Android smartphone would understand quickly that the figure is huge, as well as the work that members of communities like xda have done, let us not forget, for free. Today we celebrate all those who contributed to the CyanogenMod firmware, one of the most known and successful since its rom's in now installed on two million devices, an impressive figure and we are sure that will continue to grow
We just have to wish a good job for the foreseeable future to those who have spent their time to make our favorite operating system better, or perhaps more simply, that suits us and our needs .

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