Monday, April 23, 2012

ZTE preparing to compete with the Galaxy Notes with two smartphones coming out this year

This past October Samsung has opened the era of hybrid smartphone and touched well 5.3-inch diagonal display marketing the Galaxy notes that to date has received several awards, prizes and is still a major player thanks to strong sales and a good involvement of the public. Many competitors have decided to try to enter this market segment as LG in Korea and other lesser-known producers in our market.

At the last Mobile World Congress 2012 we saw LG introduced a similar device,Optimus Vu combining pen and large sizes for usability definitely special. Product which is, however, seemed less cool than the Notes and less pleasant as a ratio.
A recent report from Reuters seems that the Chinese manufacturer ZTE after presenting a wide range of smartphones to the recent event in Barcelona, ​​will enter the market for so-called SmartPad with two devices provided by the course of the year with an expected Global rollout.
Still unknown if any technical specifications of the two terminals, which would soon, however, to reveal itself. Screens bigger and more generous dimensions of the bodies seem to get into our daily lives. Many manufacturers choose Android increasingly this approach, while the competition was much more conservative.

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