Monday, April 23, 2012

Deer Hunter reloaded: A sequel to the blockbuster title available in the Play Store

After the success of Deer Hunter Safari on iPhone OS and later on Android, Glu Mobile has released the sequel to the title of most famous fighter of the mobile platform. We talkDH Reloaded game weight of 240 megabytes available to download for free but, as usual Glu, with in-app integrated purchase system.
Name: Deer Hunter ReloadedDeveloper: Glu Mobile Price: Free App Install from PC

In the title play as a hunter with a first person view in a series of levels of increasing difficulty. Graphics really good and detailed but static as Fps because we can not move freely in the environment. Through the system freemium able to advance in the game but like it or not the in-built app will sooner or later is needed to move. The title is very well made ​​and enjoyable.
Let's take a look at some features:
  • First-person view with spectacular settings.
  •  New X-ray procedures to target specific organs.
  •  Moved between different strategic points to find the perfect trajectory. 
  •  Avatars can be personalized with a wide range of jackets, vests, boots and goggles.
  •  Carry out the challenges to win trophies 

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