Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Windows Phone Marketplace: 82,000 applications available in the WP Marketplace

Bronze medal for Microsoft, although the level of sales has not yet become the third largest in the world of smart phones, with regard to applications exceeds Symbian and BlackBerry.
The two operating systems, in fact, count some 70,000 respectively Ovi app Store and App World and last month served to Windows Phone to break away from competitors thanks to 10,228 new app in March bringing the total count to 82,000.
The numbers are not yet sufficient to worry about Android and iPhone OS, respectively the second and third place with more than 450,000 and 550,000 app. The growth of the WP Marketplace, however, expect a continual progress, if it continues at current rates, will allow Windows Phone app to count in the catalog by 100,000 in May.
Going into detail of the various formats, the U.S. is still leading with 69,123 applications available for this market, while China, the last in time to debut with Windows Phone is stuck at 21,530.

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