Monday, April 16, 2012

Viber for Windows Phone coming soon

Viber is a multiplatform application that allows you to send messages or make calls to users who have installed the same app on their devices; Viber is already widely used in the iPhone OS and Android.

We said, since last year that Viber will release its application in the Microsoft Windows Phone platform. In February, however, according to some rumors, the arrival of Windows Phone application should be delayed because would be released only after the release on the RIM platform.

Good news comes for those who use Viber, even though the version for BlackBerry devices is not available, it appears that the Viber arrival for Windows Phone will be eminent, since WMPU reader Gurmit has forwarded an email to them from Viber support, suggesting the Viber WP7 app will come to WP Marketplace in very short time.
Thank you for contacting us. You'll be happy to know that Viber for WP7 is coming very soon. Please stay tuned for the next week. Announcing its publication. Stay tuned for release updates, see IENI us on Facebook and Twitter .
The Windows Phone marketplace is increasingly populated by known applications on other platforms, this symptom, and in a sense of growth and confidence from developers.


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