Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Temple Run celebrates 10 million downloads with a new update

Temple Run has recently reached the milestone of 10 million downloads and its developers to celebrate and thank the many fans who have made ​​this game one of the most popular on the Android platform have also released a new update.
Listening to the feedback sent by users in this new version comes with Twitter integration and the ability to share their results on the popular social network.
  • Twitter Integration! from now on we will load our top scores on our profile.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the achievement of a higher score in some phases of play.
  • Fixed a bug that caused excessive acceleration of the character.
  • Fixed other bugs, and fixed some spelling errors.
Name: Temple Run Developer: Imangi Studios Price: Free App Install from PC

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  1. Good job. 10 million downloads is a a great milestone. It is funny how these games, which were originally built for PCs, are so successful on smartphones. The truth is that we usually carry our mobile with us everywhere and have more time for entertainment. I have recently bought another great game for my iPhone, which was originally designed for computers - http://gamelicker.com/arcade-game-cover-orange-players-pack-1072.