Thursday, March 22, 2012

Windows Phone Marketplace reached another milestone, 70,000 applications are now in the WP Marketplace

At the launch of Windows Phone with Tango in China, Simon Leung had "given numbers" on these applications on Windows Marketplace.
In fact 70,000 applications according to official figures that Microsoft announced that it has passed the milestone and is now launching to 100,000. Someone may have already heard, some time ago, have achieved this level but had not been officially disclosed by Microsoft and included applications that were removed as redundant or unsafe.
With regard to the numbers of growth has now come to 300 new applications per day, number expected to increase with expansion up to 63 different markets.
At the time the developers have registered more than 100,000 and for them has simplified the certification process to get the app in the Market: are only 3 days maximum needed to make his debut in the store. The interest of developers, although not as high as Android or IOS, is still growing, especially in view of the arrival of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the convergence between the systems.

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