Saturday, March 10, 2012

Symbian OS posts 2.8 % growth from Feb to March 2012 according to StatCounter

Despite the choice of Nokia Symbian to award to play second fiddle to the Windows Phone platform, operating system continues to show that they are in good shape. To reveal the growth data is the latest StatCounter , an analysis tool considered sufficiently reliable.
Based on the latest information in February and March, the Symbian platform,worldwide , would not only be able to maintain its existing market share, but would have recorded a growth of almost 2.8%, from 30.19% to 31.01% .Looking at the graph shown at the opening of StatCounter you can also note two other interesting data: the first relates to the reversal of the trend negeativo that had characterized the last months: Symbian to gain back market share, after having gradually lost in recent months. The second finding is related to the fact that in the same period were the other platforms as IOS and Android to lose ground.

A little different data regarding the European market , but in any case the growth is also present in the old continent:
The period between February and March was marked by events which have rekindled interest in the Symbian platform. First, the Mobile World Congress saw the triumph of the Nokia 808 Pure View , who won the award for best smartphone event. The choice to use as a platform used by Nokia Fine device, dictated by the current limitations of the Windows Phone platform, has produced positive effects for the mobile operating system.
Other important events are the release of Nokia Belle for the wide range of devices that were still waiting to receive him and annucio the feature pack 1 Nokia Belle . The positive trend will continue also nellle coming weeks thanks to the arrival on the market, the Nokia 808 PureView.

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