Friday, March 9, 2012

Smoked by Windows Phone continues to tour the world and arrives in Singapore

Born at CES 2012, Smoked by Windows Phone is the itinerant contest that Microsoft has put in place to advertise the goodness of its mobile operating system in terms of simplicity and speed of use.
The basic idea is to perform some daily tasks and see if there is an Android smartphone or iPhone can beat time on Windows. Transformed into a real tour, Smoked by Windows Phone continues to travel around the world and has now arrived in Singapore with a real ladder with a lot of times and places for groped the company to win the $ 100 prize for Who beats the Windows Phone OS.
In Indonesia, about 700 challenges,Windows Phone has beaten 640 smartphones running on competitor mobile os, losing just 50 matches. Expect that the initiative is also collected by the team at Microsoft Italy, which smartphone you would bring you to challenge Windows Phone?

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