Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rumor| HTC is planning a new Surround?

The site PatentBold, has made ​​public the new plans for a new model from HTC . The images remind us immediately of a Windows Phone from the first generation of Taiwanese home or the HTC Surround , a terminal distributed in the U.S. through AT & T and other countries, perhaps not very popular but with the particularity of possessing an innovative design and excellent Speaker slides .
The new images depict a device on the same line of surround sound, but this time, there are two boxes , one right and one left on the phone (when held in landscape) which appear not to shrink contratio predecessor. Speakers that are housed in the rear part with the center the useful kickstand (a must for this type of device).
Remember that HTC has brought Beats Audio technology to its Android device,technology that offers excellent audio quality through headphones, so it is possible that this feature will be added to HTC next Windows Phones.
Well be, therefore, this type of initiatives by OEMs demonstrating once again that is not necessarily need to customize the Windows interface to launch smartphones that will be  exclusive and differentiated.

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