Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dungeon Hunter 3 finally arrives in Play Store

Arrived some months later than the first ad, finally Dungeon Hunter 3 is available to download via Play Store for free but with the formula of microtransactions within the game.
How in the IOS version here too we are dealing with 16 arenas in which to fight, five levels of difficulty scale to progress through the game without getting stuck and never creating the character according to the four classes available: Warrior, Astromante, Rogue and Shaman .
The graphics are definitely a highlight of the game completely in 3D with high resolution textures, shadows and lighting effects and animations made by flowing fluid to give a unique game experience and compelling.
Key Features of game:
  • Blast your way through 16 arenas, each of which can be addressed in 4 different difficulty levels for endless gameplay!.
  • Customize your character: choose between 4 classes (Warrior, Astromante, Rogue and Shaman). For the first time in Dungeon Hunter, you can also choose the sex of your character.
  • More than 1,000 items to unlock, or buy immediately.
  • Gain experience with each arena completed and level up to unlock new abilities and new attacks of the fairies.
  • Amazing special effects like motion blur effects and distortions in real time, particle dynamics, and more spectacular that will make your special attacks
Dungeon Hunter 3 is compatible with Android versions from 2.2 to 4.0, Gameloft chose the formula of microtransactions in the game to proceed, a decision that has provoked conflicting opinions among his fans as evidenced by grades and comments from the Play Store launch day.

Dungeon Hunter 3 is a free game and can be downloaded from the Play Store

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