Thursday, March 22, 2012

MSnerd: All Windows Phone smartphones will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8

MSnerd is an "anonymous" user f who has been pretty reliable when it comes to Microsoft leaks.From a question put to him on here comes his statement regarding the release of Windows Phone 8 terminals for first and second generation.

These are the words of MSnerd about upgrading to Windows 8 Phone:
"There are hopes for Windows Phone users to receive first and second generation of Windows Phone 8?
Yes, all phones Windows Phone will receive a subset of Apollo.  operators are the main obstacle in the United States.  Microsoft has pushed hard for the release of Mango in a short time for everyone, as well as Nokia and HTC.Some features of Apollo will be exclusive to Terminal 3 generation who should be released this fall using the MSM8960 platform."
See the release of Windows Phone 8 also on the devices of the first generation would be without doubt a coup for Microsoft and would give users much confidence about purchasing new smartphones with Windows Phone OS.


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