Thursday, March 22, 2012

Angry Birds Space finally arrives in the App Store

I really expected a lot from a few hours and was made ​​available in the App Store, talking about the new chapter of the famous game where the birds are angry war of piglets thieves:  Angry Birds Space.The battle, until the last egg, this time will be fought in space thanks to the many new environments present in 60 levels of interstellar planets in zero gravity, can give you a gaming experience new, unique, with puzzles and slow-motion destruction at the speed of light.
The purchase of the game gives us months and months of fun thanks to the many updates that will come with time - all free - that will add to possibilities to expand the gameplay thanks to the in-app purchases: new birds, new superpowers and more . If you love like that you should not miss this new episode available for just $0.99
Angry Birds Space can be found here in AppStore

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