Sunday, February 26, 2012

Windows Phone News: Nokia Lumia 610 specs and pictures leaked

Pocketnow have added to the Nokia Lumia 610 spillage by leaking 4 new renders of the handset, in white, black, magenta and cyan.  The handset will supposedly be available in these colours, and Pocketnow expects will have a 5 megapixel camera, contrary to the rumours of a 3 megapixel version.

According to the reports, the 610 Lumia should have a display of 3.2 ", a 3MP camera and 256Mb of RAM. The selling price should be around € 175.
Considering that the license of Windows Phone costs about 30 € and that a terminal will have a team of developers for at least 12-24 months so that it can be supported, so it will be convenient to launch such a product at such a low cost?
Hopefully on Monday morning we will know for sure if those rumors are true.

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