Friday, February 17, 2012

Google patented a new system to unlock Android devices

Apple continues with its causes on the  slide-to-unlockGoogle was quick to act and patented his own method of release: it has finally decided to challenge the Cupertino company on its own ground? It speaks of course that of the "hunting patents", as regards the rest of the challenge is open for a long time as is well known.
The patent, registered under the name " Locked to Input Device Computing", echoes some of the features seen in the lockscreen HTC Sense 3, in which you can not only activate the smartphone but also  drag the icon  to start directly ' corresponding application or use of  shortcuts  to call at a specific flight or send a text message.
Basically the patent on a method of release that gives direct access to the main functions of the phone, bypassing the now famous "Slide To Unlock". The lockscreen becomes a dynamic and responsive, with the shortcut to go directly to functions such as calls or messages with a single action.
Impossible at this point to think that the next version of Android ( Jelly Bean ) does not provide this kind of evolved lockscreen.

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