Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paul Thurrot: Tango and Mango will co-exist, is fragmentation coming to Windows Phone?

Paul Thurrott, in an article published on , claims to have received information on the next update Windows Phone, or Tango.

Paul says that Tango, probably identified with version 7.5.1, will be exclusively dedicated to low-end handsets with low memory (256 MB of RAM). According to his sources, Tango will have some resources in the background are disabled and can not access all the applications on the marketplace. In practice the applicationwill be certified separately with each other, if the application needs a lot of resources, the app will not be available for terminals that use this version. 

Paul says that Agry Birds, for example, will be available for all devices and Plants VS Zombies is available only to users Mango. Developers will soon have access to a version of Tango to test their applications in situations of limited memory. This version of Windows Phone should be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2012.

Obviously a situation of this kind will lead also to fragmentation in the mobile operating system from Microsoft. I personally do not believe that this will happen for two simple reasons: the first is that currently it is possible to realize a low-cost terminal with requirements from Microsoft for Windows Phone Mango as shown by LG Optimus 7. The second is that having two separate marketplaces will lead users to use low cost terminals do not have much satisfaction in this OS, as they will get basically a castrated OS performance, and the software functionality!

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