Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did Nokia just show White Nokia Lumia 900 on Facebook?

Well from the picture above it looks like it. Nokia accidentally revealed the above press shot -- a white Lumia 900. The picture was soon lifted from Nokia's Conversations blog, but it remains on its Facebook page.   

From the pics above you can see clearly the 4.3" Nokia Lumia 900 by the front-facing camera, the exposed micro USB on the top, and the minimized bezel around the touch buttons below. What's more important here though, is that this Lumia 900 lacks any kind of AT&;T branding. 

This makes it the first official photo of what is likely the international version, which means we just kinda-sorta got a confirmation that it exists. All we know is Mobile World Congress is a few weeks away, and we can't say with absolute certainty that the International Nokia Lumia 900 will officially see the light of day, but will all that rumors and leaked pics around we are more and more optimistic as days go by.

Source Facebook
Via Pocketnow

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