Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dark Forces Team prepping Windows Phone 8750 build for custom ROMs

The latest version of Windows Phone officially released by Microsoft is identified by version number 7.10.8107, of course, Microsoft has gone ahead in the development of its mobile operating system
The latest build now seen is 8750 and the hackers  Dark Forces Team (DFT) have managed to get their hands on it, even loading it on an HTC Schubert/Mozart. OS 8750 is by the far the highest builds we've seen of Windows Phone yet, as WP Bench only shows a 8733 as being the latest.

The new build was shown through a screen shot made from aHTC Mozart, the version 8750 is the most advanced update to dateCurrently no information on the characteristics implemented have been revealed, but knowing the DFT team, we could soon have a customized ROM with this version of Windows Phone

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