Sunday, February 12, 2012

CDMA Nokia Lumia 800 for China Telecom coming in April with Tango on board

It appears that the rumors that Nokia 800c  testing are underway in China.Now we are getting some reports from the forum that Nokia is to announce Lumia 800 and 710 for China in March, release happening in April. Both of the phones would run on WP Tango.

This is the google translated information about Nokia Lumia handsets from the Chinese forum:
"The insider claimed: the Lumia domestic first batch of released models, in addition to the world already started selling the 710 and 800, are upgraded to the Tango system, China release date will be displayed on the Lumia900, but can not confirm definitely will be released the same period, may, in Lumia release date of March, introduction, and then shelves in Lumia710 and 800 in April, after separate shelves. Lumia 800 white version will be released at the same time. Tango in the end to trouble how"

 More info at Teiba.Baidu 

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