Monday, January 16, 2012

Stress Test: HTC Titan cooked in 3 minutes and HD2 crushed under a car (VIDEO)

What can go through your mind when you do certain tests or video? We have problems and boredom? Or they try to do something simply sensational? We saw all kinds of crash tests in recent years and, every now and then, given the numerous reports we report someone.The first relates to follow the 'HD2, able to withstand the pressure of the tires of a car that passes over it? 
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Watching this video, we sincerely thought that the smartphone was not working any more, even before the '"experiment" and that this was a way as any to create a bit of a stir before disposing of it. In this second video instead of the hero is a fully functional HTC Titan. The author provides several times in fact, to show the menu in action before you put in the pot. What will be the point where the Titan will sell display and frying the internal components? 190 degrees Fahrenheit or 90 degrees Celsius ...

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