Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two new games available for the Xperia Play

Two new titles for Xperia Play : the first is Fight Game Heroes , a fighting game developed by Interactive Fight Game, and the other is Experiment 13 , a strange puzzle game that uses the force of gravity and the laws of physics.

Fight Game: HEROES

A 3D fighting game with no rules that brings the brutal fights outside the ring, on the sidewalks, between the dark streets of the city. Mode Career you will be taken to combat all the ugly mugs that you will come to win the respect and position of best fighter, while in mode Competitive you can sample the progress against your friends. Here's a taste:

Experiment 13

Developed by Sony Ericsson, this game looks like one of the most original puzzle game will be seen that gravity manipulated at your pleasure to deal with each stage. Roy Tate has catapulted the likeable character of another dimension that we will have to deal with traps and monsters to solve the intricate puzzles carnivores against all laws of gravity.

Via: HD.blog.it

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